Will updating ipod erase music

This means that i Tunes will try and write it's list of songs to your i Pod.

It is important when performing i Pod data recovery not to write new data to i Pod drive unless it is necessary to do so.

There are some i Pod versions that allow you to mount the i Pod as a disk and then you could potentially find and copy the music.

FWIW, you CAN copy/transfer music purchased through the i Tunes Store on an i OS device (i.e.

This is to prevent say me copying music from my ipod via itunes to you PC.

Download Recover My i Pod and follow the Quick Start Guide to Recover My i Pod. The default setting in i Tunes when an i Pod is connected is to "auto-sync" the play list.

At that point - stupid me - I should have quit while I was ahead.

But no, like an idiot, I fiddled with it, trying to get it to show up, messing with i Tunes settings...& it started syncing.

So, I figured I could use one of the many "transfer music from an i Pod to an i Tunes Library" tutorials.

I tried using this one: , but when I plugged my i Pod in, it did not show up in the list of devices.

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