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The application developer authors the application manifest by using the Publish Wizard in Visual Studio or the Manifest Generation and Editing Tool (Mage.exe) in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).For more information, see How to: Publish a Click Once Application using the Publish Wizard.By using applications deployed using Click Once, you can have the best of both technologies.A Click Once application is any Windows Presentation Foundation (.xbap), Windows Forms (.exe), console application (.exe), or Office solution (.dll) published using Click Once technology.You can publish a Click Once application in three different ways: from a Web page, from a network file share, or from media such as a CD-ROM.A Click Once application can be installed on an end user's computer and run locally even when the computer is offline, or it can be run in an online-only mode without permanently installing anything on the end user's computer.The core Click Once deployment architecture is based on two XML manifest files: an application manifest and a deployment manifest.

Because Click Once applications are isolated, installing or running a Click Once application cannot break existing applications.By using Authenticode for application deployment, Click Once helps prevent a harmful program from portraying itself as a legitimate program coming from an established, trustworthy source.Optionally, certificates can also be used to sign the application and deployment manifests to prove that the files have not been tampered with.Use the Security page in the Project Designer to request the zone appropriate for the application.You can also debug applications with restricted permissions to emulate the end-user experience.

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