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Those profile links are shortened with Google’s link shortening service, which then redirects to a free hosting domain in the dot-tk (.tk) domain space (is the country code for Tokelau — a group of atolls in the South Pacific).

From there the system is smart enough to redirect users back to Twitter if they appear to be part of any automated attempt to crawl the links (e.g.

Those phony Twitter accounts all featured images of attractive or scantily-clad women, and all were being promoted via suggestive tweets, Allen said.

Anyone who replied was ultimately referred to subscription-based online dating sites run by Deniro Marketing, a company based in California.

"Sign up for Tinder," he suggested, probably not innocently. I signed in through my Facebook account, selecting two flattering photos out of many unflattering (realistic) ones. ) then we could "chat" or I could keep "playing." And play, I did.

I set my sights on men, ages 25-65, within 20 miles... I swiped right -- on 27-year-old Aubrey, a surfer/skier/guitarist fond of customized beer koozies -- we matched!

For more on this research, see Zero FOX’s blog post Inside a Massive Siren Social Network Spam Botnet.

I was first, er, exposed to Tinder, the dating app, on a car ride home from a book signing. "Ryan," I said, having not paid attention to him for the last 45 minutes of the ride, for Tinder was all-encompassing (a harbinger of things to come) -- the perfect soporific for my primitive lizard brain. There are meetings for widows and widowers, for gamblers and for Internet addiction. It's even more exciting if you, um, accidentally swipe right -- and you're matched. This was the same company that was found to be the beneficiary of spam from the porn botnet I’d written about in June. “We’ve been tracking this thing since February 2017, and we concluded that the social botnet controllers are probably not part of Deniro Marketing, but most likely are affiliates,” Allen said.Zero FOX found more than 86,262 Twitter accounts were responsible for more than 8.6 million posts on Twitter promoting porn-based sites, many of them promoting domains in a swath of Internet address space owned by Deniro Marketing (ASN19884).Requests from visitors who look like real users responding to tweets are redirected to the porn spam sites.Because the links promoted by those spammy Twitter accounts all abused short link services from Twitter and Google, the researchers were able to see that this entire botnet has generated more than 30 million unique clicks from February to June 2017.

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always have a picture of themselves with a beer in hand. So at least I'll know what they look like having sex. His arm around a young girl standing in front of the family's Christmas tree.

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