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What happened to along the way, to transmogrify it from high-end awards contender to a studio’s secret shame?And will the fuss around its delayed release actually help in drawing eyeballs to a movie that might otherwise have been dismissed as a staid costume drama? From the day we graduated from the police academy, up until the first murder case we worked, the change has happened. Some of you may not even be aware of your weirdness. If you are one of those cops or deputy’s who thinks otherwise, this article may sting a bit. To say we are only different would be a big underscore.

Don’t worry, like I said, it didn’t happen overnight. Most jobs don’t require their workers to repeatedly immerse themselves in chaos everyday. Cops usually have about 5 seconds to take control of a scene.And let’s not get caught up with semantics on this one. I guess after your sergeant tells you and your trainee to go through an intersection and pick up the rest of the body parts from a pedestrian accident, it might have some residual psychological effect on you. And as much as I love doctors, nurses and morticians, please stop saying that your profession compares to ours in this category. I have a co-worker sergeant that I interact with on a regular basis who routinely greets me with the varying ways he has had my mom since we last spoke. Cops routinely make the giant leap of looking out for people they don’t even know. This is where cops essentially shoot themselves in the foot. But let’s face it, cops are notorious for living outside of their means.Another blurted out to me one time, after taking an almost lethal zinger from yours truly, “at least my kids live with me”. Cops reading this know exactly where I’m coming from. This is not just applied to the vermin we deal with on the regular. This is another one of those habits or traits that is developed over time. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships, mostly of the sexual kind, cops struggle. I always know when the new academy is about to graduate.I think that the way cops must bury their feelings to cope plays a major factor in their struggles in relationships. I can’t think of anything more pitiful than having your dream “Mc Mansion”, but can’t actually live in it because you have to work 110 hours a week just to keep it from foreclosing.A better option would be to get your college degree if you don’t have it or develop a nice side hustle that is sustainable over the long haul.

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  1. Right: “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners” (Oakland, California, 1971); artist and publisher unknown. A new exhibition drawing on rare posters and ephemera from the Lisbet Tellefsen collection will trace the turbulent history of Angela Davis, a radical thinker, and activist whose work reflects her experience as a queer black woman.