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This, in turn, will give the native June sucker a chance to recover its declining population.

Another method is by trapping them in tributaries they use to spawn with seine nets and exposing them to rotenone.

They can eat a herbivorous diet of water plants, but prefer to scavenge the bottom for insects, crustaceans (including zooplankton), crawfish, and benthic worms.

An egg-layer, a typical adult female can lay 300,000 eggs in a single spawn.

The pituitary extract contains gonadotropic hormones which stimulate gonad maturation and sex steroid production, ultimately promoting reproduction.

A single carp can lay over a million eggs in a year, yet their population remains the same, so the eggs and young perish in similarly vast numbers.

In absence of natural predators or commercial fishing they may extensively alter their environments due to their reproductive rate and their feeding habit of grubbing through bottom sediments for food.

In feeding, they may destroy, uproot, disturb and eat submerged vegetation, causing serious damage to native duck, such as canvasbacks, and fish populations.

They were first noted in the Okanagan Valley in 1912, as was their rapid growth in population.This method has shown to reduce their impact within 24 hours and greatly increase the native vegetation and desirable fish species.This also leaves the young carp easily preyed upon by native fish.The original common carp was found in the inland delta of the Danube River about 2000 years ago, and was torpedo-shaped and golden-yellow in colour.It had two pairs of barbels and a mesh-like scale pattern.

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