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She said: "I'm going to celebrate with my mom first. Tavia immediately changed the subject: "Not sure if it's a good day today? She said he's looking good and he gained weight too, no need to comfort him.*Note: Tavia's birthday is on August 30th.

From what I know, Him has to shoot the pilot series [TITS2], he's very busy. ) I can't just accept that, but Ron gave me a ring before.

They even have the same opinion and pursue towards love. Personality is more important than money Although Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung are considered as “electrical insulation” female and male artiste in this field, but actually both of them are pursuing for true love.

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung celebrated their 33rd birthday together at a hotel with over 100 fans yesterday. To boost the atmosphere, Ron pointed to his cheek signaling Tavia to give him a birthday kiss. ) Not responding." Ron said he will not respond to any questions relating to Viann anymore and will not comment on whether he will draw a line with her.

But I’m happy Kenneth made Top 5 for Best Supporting Actor!

CHUNG swears to create his own success and draws a line with MAN.

In fact, CHUNG's argumentative friend SUNG YUK CHI (LI QIAN) loves him secretly.

Translated by: a Znangel @ Kenneth is also a long time lover of soccer, yesterday he attended the even and participated in the game play as well.

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