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The article includes some minor changes post-delivery at the conference. Republishing this presentation is subject to written consent on terms available by request. Outfest’s 29th Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival kicks off in L. on July 7th and runs until the 17th with 163 films (67 features and 96 shorts) from 25 countries, along with over a dozen panels and special events.I’d like to pay my respects to the indigenous owners of the land, and their elders past and present.I’m speaking today as a member of OII Australia, a local intersex activist organisation that’s aligned with the LGBTI movement because of our common experience of homophobia, and misogyny.“This year’s line-up is one of the strongest in Outfest history and we’re excited to be showcasing work that is both exploring and expanding the possibilities of LGBT themes and challenging our audiences through their storytelling,” said Director of Programming Kim Yutani.Outfest 2011 opens with Rashaad Ernesto Green’s first feature film, “Gun Hill Road,” and will close with feature film debut, “The Perfect Family,” from filmmaker Anne Renton.

OII Australia is currently examining the effects of this in Australia, and preliminary research shows a drop in number of live births with these intersex variations. In many ways, the experience of intersex people shows what happens when a group of “disordered” people are found to be “born this way”.

Being trans remains a disorder, while no treatable biological cause has been established.

Being gay or lesbian is no longer a disorder to doctors in most countries, even though this remains contentious in some major political and religious institutions.

Intersex people are aligned with the “LGBTI” movement because of the nature of our oppression.

We seek the right to be ourselves as we are, in the context of infant and adolescent surgery, adult relationship and medical issues.

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Given the conference title, the focus is more on intersectionalities with people experiencing same-sex attraction.

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