Omnicom consolidating 2018

And that optimism is what makes Maurice and Publicis take such big bets.There will surely be hurdles to make this merger work, but I can only applaud the boldness of the move.As for the rest of us - startups, partners, technology companies, I think it’s an exciting time to be in the advertising and marketing sector.The rate of change will be torrid, the move to digital faster than ever, and ultimately, consolidation may be a good thing.The move brings all creative and media together within Omnicom.This includes DDB, the creative agency that has worked with Mc Donald’s for 45 years and OMD, Mc Donald’s media agency.

The unit includes all the capabilities Mc Donald’s requires – speed, efficiency and data-driven, consistent creative across multiple channels.

"During our recent review, OMD stood out based on its digital capability, strong management team, and ability to bring big ideas to the table.

We are looking forward to deepening our working relationship and realizing greater impact for our marketing investments." Adds OMD US CEO , "We're looking forward to expanding this long and very successful partnership across new channels, working together to explore new opportunities to connect with Wells Fargo customers." About OMD Worldwide OMD Worldwide, an Omnicom Media Group agency, is the leading global media communications agency, with more than 10,000 employees across 100 countries serving the world's high-profile brands.

I made a comment along the lines of “Shame about the rain.” And his response was one that I won’t forget.

Without mincing words, Maurice let me know that when one has the luxury of an eye-opening view overlooking the world’s most famous boulevard and the Arc, a little rain should not detract from said view.

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