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The Fellahs are exceedingly clever in inventing methods of manslaughter.For some years bodies were found that bore no outer mark of violence, and only Prankish inquisitiveness discovered that the barrel of a pistol had been passed up the anus and the weapon discharged internally. At the end of the tale we learn that she also gelded him ; thus he was a " Sandali," a rast, 4 A If Laylah wa Laylah." They did her bidding, upon which she arose and fetched a pan of copper and hung it over the brazier and poured into it oil of sesame, in which she fried cheese.1 Then she came up to me (and I still insensible) and, unfastening my bag-trousers, tied a cord round my testicles and, giving it to two of her women, bade them hawl at it.I did her nought but ill and she did me nought but good.When these merchants return from their journey, I shall return with them, by which time I shall have been absent a whole year : yet hath my sorrow waxed greater and my grief and affliction were but increased by my visit to the Islands of Camphor and the Castle of Crystal." Thereupon she kicked me with her foot and I rose, hardly able to walk ; and I went, little by little, till I came to the door of our house.I saw it was open, so I threw myself within it and fell down in a fainting- fit ; whereupon my wife came out and lifting me up, carried me into the saloon and assured herself that I had become like a woman.

Know that she who wrought these gazelles worketh every year a gazelle-cloth and despatcheth it to far countries, that her report and the beauty of her broidery, which none in the world can match, may be bruited abroad.They did so, and I swooned away and was for excess of pair in a world other than this.Then she came with a razor of steel and cut off my member masculine, 2 so that I remained like a* woman : after which she seared the wound with the boiling oil and rubbed it with a powder, and I the while unconscious.* How often we have heard this in England I Tale of Aziz and Azizah. " ; and I shrieked and wept till my voice failed and I remained without power to breathe or to move.Then she again whetted the knife and said to the slave-girls, " Uncover him/* Upon this the Lord inspired me to repeat to her the two phrases my cousin had taught me, and had bequeathed to me, and I said, " O my lady, dost thou not know that Faith is fair, Unfaith is foul?

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