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After messing around with it, I was eventually able to open the program, but then it would not let me create a new project (the program kept closing on me).

But, Manuskript does provide a pre-made sample file for use as a tutorial-of-sorts, so under the assumption that maybe the trouble creating a new project was due to my own error in how I unzipped and installed the program, I went ahead and opened the existing sample project – one about the Book of Acts – to test out the program’s functionalities.

It also includes a “Redaction” tab, which allows you to view either in index card format, outline format, or text.

To start, you must choose what type of writing you’re doing, first whether Fiction or Non-Fiction, and then selecting a sub-type within one of those categories.

Here’s what I found: Manuskript has a good set of basic features.

Left navigation lets you toggle between a general overview of your story, summaries, character descriptions, plot lines, world details, and outline view.

Vor fast 150 Jahren wurde hier das „Reichspostministerium“ gegründet.

Meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren, verehrte Gäste, ich begrüße Sie alle vielmals in diesen beeindruckenden historischen Räumen.

When your project is done, you can Compile as either HTML, Arborescence, or Open Document files.„Spiegel Online“ veröffentlichte 2013 das wiederentdeckte Originalmanuskript gegen den Willen Becks, um zu belegen, dass der Sinn des Papiers keineswegs verfälscht worden sei und Beck in der Öffentlichkeit falsche Angaben gemacht habe.Die von Beck eingereichte Klage wegen Verletzung seiner Urheberrechte hatte bislang Erfolg.This is the first step to creating a project (and also the point where the program kept shutting down on me! Once a project is created (the images below are from their sample project), you have the ability to fill in “General” information about your project, including Title, Subtitle, Series, Volume, Genre, License info, and Author information.You can leave some areas blank if they don’t apply.

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