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We are not a software package that teaches you another language. Rossetta Stone and other expensive software packages simply don't work and never have. You won't ever learn a language by endlessly repeating what somebody else tells you to say.

That is why it is impossible for most people to fully learn a language using a book, software or audio course no matter how fancy they are.Live Lingua was founded with that ideal and philosophy in mind. We keep track of all our students progress and make ourselves available for your needs.This applies to everybody from the teachers to the CEO.It is the same way diplomats from hundreds of years ago learned.They took lessons from professional teachers who were native speakers of the language they wanted to learn. Live Lingua is a traditional language school, which just happens to be online.

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Think about it, if software alone was really an effective way to learn something, we Live Lingua is not an audio course where you spend hours repeating what a tape, audio file or podcast tells you to. These are websites that pride themselves on having thousands, or tens of thousands of tutors for you to choose from.

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