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Those who were there for the beginning may be there for the end.

It appears their cold war has been underway for several thousand years, and based on current trends, it could become an open hot war in our near future.

Frequently described as 'the most valuable stamp in the world', the British Guiana 1c Magenta, pictured, will be auctioned in New York on 17 June.

Demiurgic technology enables major shifts in the balance between their competing agendas.

Only the King may have a spouse in wedlock, and those others whom God has sent to be lords in lordless lands.

, but these were only human attempts at emulating the real thing.

Whether it concerns girls or boys, there is no need to erase their names, for as soon as a name has been read it vanishes from sight!

Those who are now full-grown all came here as children.

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  1. Entre autres qualités, il est paraît-il le pionnier de la réutilisation en agriculture laitière de la Froment du Léon, une vache dont le lait particulièrement savoureux donne un beurre réputé.