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In terms of the journey, it is necessary to pick up the writing implement much more often and add small strokes that readily define important differences between the 20 distinct sounds.

Four diphthongs ( and the goal of creating writing that is visually interesting and beautiful.

The examples on the right are from the grandparent logograms that—with few modifications—are still used today for writing the language.

However, as mentioned previously, the modern usage when applied to everyday texts is phonetic, not iconic.

Of course, there are still Vulcan scholars and calligraphers who are students of the ancient texts and who are skilled at both reading and writing the historic forms.

And, these particular three words might easily be recognized by average Vulcans due to their legacy in everyday life.

In modern usage it is quite common for socially prominent members of society to display a select subset of these ancient symbols on their clothing and they are used extensively on the robes, headdresses, and ceremonial objects associated with .

The historic words have become the letter names of the modern sounds of the script. There is also a third system in common use for informal handwriting.

It is considered purely utilitarian and rarely ever seen by non-Vulcans. Historically, Vulcan writing comes from purely vertical traditions.

This is generally reflected in the letterforms themselves.

The converse of of this epithet, (path) on the overall journey.

Calligraphy masters often make their mark by imparting subtle differences to the letterforms by taking different paths along the way and teachers do not scold their pupils for experimentation as long as it does disturb the is not reached until the calligrapher pauses at the end of the text that he or she originally intended to complete when the pen first departed on the journey.

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