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This integration makes the code more readable and reduces the maintenance cost of synchronizing type annotations with their corresponding variables.

The Type Script type system enables programmers to express limits on the capabilities of Java Script objects, and to use tools that enforce these limits.

Within the body of function 'f', tools can assume 's' is of type 'string' and provide operator type checking and member completion consistent with this assumption.

Tools can also signal an error on the first call to 'f', because 'f' expects a string, not an object, as its parameter.

In this example, the programmer benefits from type inference without providing type annotations.

Spreadsheet Gear 2012 adds some of the most frequently requested features including WPF and Silverlight controls, multithreaded recalc, 64 new functions, Windows 10 support, Windows Server 2012 R2 support, Visual Studio 2015 support, improved memory efficiency and performance particularly in 64 bit applications, custom row and column header text and styling for XAML controls, save to XPS and more.To benefit from this inference, a programmer can use the Type Script language service.For example, a code editor can incorporate the Type Script language service and use the service to find the members of a string object as in the following screen shot.Type Script optionally provides source maps, enabling source-level debugging.Type Script tools typically emit Java Script upon file save, preserving the test, edit, refresh cycle commonly used in Java Script development.

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In Type Script, we can express a parameter requirement as in the following code fragment.

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