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So today we're sharing our latest findings: from two mattresses magically merging into one to disappearing beach crowds, hotels we've visited recently have been up to plenty of tricks.

Jamaica Photo Fakeout: It's What You DON'T See Sure, photo fakeouts have taught us that you can't always believe what you see in the glossy marketing photos.

From crotchet bits of goodness to string bikinis and sexy monokinis, here are 13 of my favorite swimsuits for the Summer (okay okay, we don’t have summer but you’re here aren’t you? Sokini Swimwear– Jamaica Hand-made luxury swim and resort wear hailing from the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica.

Sokini prides themselves in creating designs that are perfect for fashionistas who are tired of the repetitive, mainstream swimsuit/swimwear designs on the market and who really want to turn heads whether they’re on vacation, turning up at a pool party or just simply lounging at the pool/beach.

Suga Apple Swimwear– Barbados As sugary sweet as its name, this Barbadian brand is known for it’s bright colors and risque cuts. EDGE Swim– Trinidad & Tobago Trinidadian brand for the woman who is brave enough to be herself.

Dklypse Swimwear– The Bahamas DKLYPSE was founded by young native Bahamian Kristen Cartwright in June 2013.

It's also unfortunately a common practice for these hotels, like Hotel Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to disguise this "two-becoming-one" trick in their marketing photos, instead making the two mattresses appear as a single larger one.

We're sure the hotel does have a lovely smiling instructor ready to assist guests with their backhand, but it's a bit odd that the website doesn't also show the lovely facilities too, right?

Well, perhaps it's because they're not so lovely...

Like in the cases of "crowd-free" beaches, "delicious" buffets, and "massive" pools.

And we've become quite famous for our discovery of these sneaky marketing ploys.

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But they've also demonstrated that you should be wary of what you see as well.

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