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The thick branch indicates the most likely position of the whole-genome duplication at the root of the teleosts, based on Hoegg et al.

gene and conserved with mouse, showed enhancer activity in transgenic mice (Aparicio et al.

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There are a wide variety of chat rooms to choose from no matter what kind of person you want to meet.Genome sequence comparisons between such distantly related organisms are highly informative due to the accumulation of neutral mutations in nonfunctional regions.Yet humans and fishes share many developmental pathways, organ systems, and physiological mechanisms, making conclusions relevant to human biology.“There the nets brought up beautiful specimens of fish: Some with azure fins and tails like gold, the flesh of which is unrivalled; some nearly destitute of scales, but of exquisite flavour; others, with bony jaws, and yellow-tinged gills, as good as bonitos; all fish that would be of use to us.” While the gastronomic qualities of fish did not escape Jules Verne in his 1870 , fish are no less put to good use in twenty-first century biology.During the following 60 years, the occurrences and consequences of gene and genome duplications continued to be discussed (Taylor and Raes 2004), with for instance the proposal by Stephens in 1951 that increasing the number of genetic loci was the only path to “evolutionary progress” and his suggestion that genome duplication could be one way of achieving this (Stephens 1951).The last common ancestor between fish and mammals dates back to the very origin of the vertebrate lineage and today, half of modern vertebrates are fish.

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In this new context, one could easily replace fin color and flesh quality by genome size and embryo transparency in a similar enumeration of the advantages of these animals for biology in general and molecular genetics in particular.

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