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But the impromptu debate on Islamic extremism, by Lonsdale’s retelling, turned into a raucous imbroglio.

“Why are you making my religion out to be like that? The Muslim student became reticent, apparently no longer wanting to continue debating, before he ended the conversation by leaving, according to Lonsdale.

Lonsdale has been accepted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he applied after his incident with Pervaiz.

The conflict gave Lonsdale “no complications” regarding his college prospects, he said.

Both students had experience debating policy issues in the club, currently ranked second in the nation by the National Debate & Speech Association, where Liberty competes annually during its national competition.

Lonsdale and a debate partner shared a semifinal placement at the Grain Valley High School New Year Novice Kickoff this year, while Pervaiz and his partner tied for first in policy debate at a high school tournament in December 2016, according to .

Miles slipped Lonsdale a handwritten letter () admonishing him for his “1-sided bash” on Islam and claimed he had equated Islam with terrorism.

“You initiated a 35-minute conversation trying to prove that Faraz’s entire religion was about terrorism,” wrote Miles.

He said they accused him of “‘creating an emotionally unsafe zone.’” MORE: School replaces MLK Day with Islamophobia seminar After school officials interviewed three other student witnesses, Lonsdale was assigned to serve an in-school suspension the rest of the day and the following day.School officials say students “need to be responsible, they are young adults,” she said.Some scholars and commentators have criticised the term 'Muslim/Islamic world' and its derivative terms 'Muslim/Islamic country' as "simplistic" and "binary", since no state has a religiously homogeneous population (e.g. 10% Christian), and in absolute numbers, there are sometimes fewer Muslims living in countries where they make up the majority than in countries where they form a minority.The letter the school sent his parents, dated the same day, simply said he was suspended “due to behavior” and had been prescribed “corrective disciplinary action.” The in-school suspension actually improved Lonsdale’s productivity, he told : “I got a lot of work done.I got everything done that I needed to do.” Lonsdale was permitted to leave in-school suspension to participate in some of his four Advanced Placement classes.

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“I wasn’t saying that ‘you’re a bad kid because you’re Islamic,’” he told . I didn’t personally attack him at all.” Lonsdale is not the only member of his family to court controversy in an educational setting.

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