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Brooklyn man busted by mob cop for 1980 murder seeks new trial “My father was just broken over it,” said Michael, noting John now somewhere in the witness protection program.He was initiated in 1949 and served in the crew of Sebastian “Buster” Aloi while as a soldier for the Colombo crime family, father of former Colombo family acting boss Vincenzo Aloi.He is believed to have been elevated to caporegime or captain in the Colombo family in the mid-1950s. In 1966, Franzese was able to avoid a conviction for murdering a rival and dumping the body into a bay.In 1967, Franzese gained a financial interest in a new recording company, Buddah Records.The company became quite successful, recordings hits for acts such as Melanie Safka, the Isley Brothers, and Curtis Mayfield.Michael said his dad lived by a code that said “you don’t put other people in trouble.You don’t cooperate with the government to save your own skin.” His son added, “My dad was no angel. He was.” Looking at Franzese’s longevity, Michael said his father had good genes and always watched what he ate.

Franzese was once caught on wiretaps telling an informant about the ways to dispose of a body — even unable to recall how many people he’d killed over the decades.

He was accused of murdering Genovese crime family hitman-turned informant Ernest Rupolo in 1964 as a favor to Vito Genovese.

Rupolo was shot and stabbed several times before his feet were attached to two concrete blocks and his hands tied then dumped into the water.

Franzese's career in organized crime spans six decades and he is the former underboss of the Colombo family.

At the time of his release on June 23, 2017, he was the oldest federal prisoner in the United States and the only centenarian in federal custody.

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