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This boy has a tale though, a string of events that led him to this fate, and it is this tale you are about to watch.If you think his fate was the saddest part of it, be ready for what is to come as young Seita and Setsuko will make you cheer and cry as their tale unfolds.

Damn warring, murdering, selfish, hating humans destroying futures, ruining God's creation.It's hard to accept that, and Grave of the Fireflies is sure to point that out, making you breed hatred toward those who treat the protagonists as the invisible people they are in a world suffocated by the aftermath of a great war.It stands tall even today All things considering, perhaps for being one of Studio Ghibli's less demanding movie in terms of animation, Grave of the Fireflies aged very little over the decades.However, just about everything about this movie feels manufactured to me, though I will give them credit for making the attempt to portray realism.After all, war isn't pretty, and when times are that tough, everything WILL go wrong just because the system starts to break down.

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