Dollicia bryan dating kevin durant

Shaq purchased the property for .8 million in 2004 but we guess he has no need for the huge crib anymore being that he and Shaunie are getting a divorce.

Shaq has sold the mansion for in between million and million.

But Kravitz didn’t approve and told Romero, “I’ll take care of this” – and fired Oseary.

To see more pics from this classy affair Read the rest of this entry » It was a celebration as Jay-z’s 40/40 in Las Vegas opened up last night with plenty of people out to support. We will have way more pics and post about this celebratory night.

), Farnsworth Bentley, Kendu, Fab who throws up the same peace sign in every photo, NBA rookie Kevin Durant, Pepa and her manish swag, and Alex Rodriguez all enjoyed the party.

To see more pics from this classy affair Read the rest of this entry » Mya, Irv Gotti, and Jada attended Michael Jordan’s All-American Classic at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Now her career that’s a whole other algebraic equation right there.

And going through the trial was tough on everyone’s personal life, on everyone’s career.

Via Nypost: WHEN Lenny Kravitz learned he was being accused of having an extramarital affair with Alex Rodriguez‘s wife, Cynthia, he “looked like he was going to throw up,” according to a witness.

It is reported that Karrine will release her first album in March but can be heard in advance freestyling on King Magazine’s annual mix tape available next month.

Trust me you are not the only one’s reading this thinking to yourself “Is this serious?

Figuring out what to do in order to shock it back to life Is like a monkey riding a 10-Speed while learning ancient Hebrew.

Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, Nick Cannon, Kevin Liles, Cheri Dennis, Trey Songz, Angie Martinez, Terrence, Rocsi, Nia Long, and others came out to the ‘9th Annual TJ Martell Family Day’. To see more pics from the event Read the rest of this entry » Eddie Murphy has started his own record label called Murphy Entertainment and his first artist that he signed is Karrine Superhead Steffans.

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