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Alan Roger Currie is the author of four books that earned a Top 100 Bestseller ranking on in the categories of “dating,” “human sexuality,” “interpersonal relations,” and “mate seeking,” Currie’s most popular book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, was published in March 2006 and has since become an international fan favorite among single heterosexual men. Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex, which was published in mid-December 2011.

Currie’s current bestselling book is entitled, Oooooh . Currie’s latest book, which was released as an Kindle e Book on October 1, 2012, is entitled, The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly.

Currie also has a men’s dating advice column that is featured on The

The best part is that since it’s working is based on the user’s local area itself, therefore, it is possible for the two daters to meet and sit together and spend some time to know each other better than they could have on the internet and this feature of local networking and dating separates other dating sites from this one.

According to some statistics, the handles over 5000 conversations per day.

Dating Dİis a domain controlled by four domain name servers at,, and and each of the four uses the same IP address.

The minimum age for registration on this site is 18 years.

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