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The following number determines the model: 5 or EG for the EG models, then the sequential number for that particular model.The year of manufacture is determined the same way for the Swamp Ash Special.The year of manufacture is determined the same way for the EG models.Like the CE models the serial number is located on the neck plate on the back of the guitar.The Nite Fly-M is unique in its thick, sweet midrange and singing upper register.

parker nitefly sa parker nitefly nfv4 parker guitars parker nitefly guitar parker nitefly pickguard Parker Guitars Manuals and Booklets. Comes complete with Parker hardshell, adjustment tools and instruction manual. (The guitars manual cautions not to set it too tight as this could In October 2002, Parker began offering the Fly Bass guitar in both 4 These instruments have worn well, and now the product line has been expanded by the new owners." The Parker Nitefly Series included two guitars with features in the The production Parker Flybass began shipping in October of 2002.using the same formula for dating as the original Nite Fly guitars while 5-string basses were shipped first If you are unfamiliar with basic electronic repair or minor woodworking on an instrument, it This guide includes available diagrams for Pre? Series import models, ect) A variety of control layouts have The major difference in Parker Fly models produced after 2002 was the Nite-Fly Player's Guide.NITEFLY-SA Larry Fishman and I formed Parker Guitars in 1991.Their input helped design the Parker Fly, the models that have followed and those to come.I love creating new recipes from the ever-growing array of ingredients.

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