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That whole retractable tongue thing was kinda cool, and the idea of the creature sucking brains very creepy, but what was the creepiest of all was when the Baron was in human form, and how he would often sample from a large, ornate cup containing numerous human brains, much like you or I might enjoy a shrimp cocktail, only his wasn't refrigerated but kept in a trunk (what's the expiration date on brains? One thing's for sure, the Baron sure seems to like the ladies...I especially liked how he would hypnotize (effect created by the Baron staring forward while someone off screen flashed a light in his face...oooh, witness his strange powers) the men into a motionless position, proceed to smack lips with their women while the hypnotized men were forced to watch, and then kill them both.The video is scratchy and there are several places where the audio skips. Laughing in the face of his accusers, weird Baron Vitelius is tried, convicted, and burned at the stake by the Holy Inquisition in Mexico in 1661.There is even an inexcusable long pause during a reel change. Maybe someday one of the better companies will release The Brainiac in all its glory. Vitelius vows on the stake that he will return in 300 years and expunge the foul lineage of his accusers from the Earth.Oh, by the way, did I mention both Ronnie and Victoria are among those whose ancestors the Baron vowed revenge against?

I noticed the mask seemed to inflate and deflate and I couldn't help wonder if it was due to a lack of air holes. Perhaps, but probably not, unless you're familiar with schlock films imported from south of the border..see, that was one of his specialties, to purchase the rights to shoddily made Mexican movies, dub `em up good, and then peddling them to an unsuspecting audience here in the states.As the fire builds a comet zips through the sky and the Baron proclaims an oath of vengeance on the descendants of those involved (does anyone know why they dressed him up like the pope before they burned him? Cut to 300 years Ronnie (Rojo) and Victoria (Gallardo), a young couple, both astronomy students under the tutelage of Prof. All three are in the observatory talking shop (there's a whole lot of comet hibbity jibbity), and the professor reveals his prediction that, according to his calculations, a comet will pass soon, and it does, dropping off a strange hunk of crystal, in a remote area, that releases a demon-like creature who kills a passerby and steals his clothes. Anyway, it appears the Baron had been previously sentenced to torment, but it had little or no effect as he pretty much just laughed it all off, so now he's condemned to be burned alive. Next time they show the Brinaca Take me by the flosser. The story begins in the year 1661 as we see a man named Baron Vitelius, played by Salazar (who, by the way, also originally produced this film), brought before the Spanish Inquisition for the crimes of heresy, witchcraft, necromancy, conjurations, dogmatizing, and seduction, to name a few (in the words of the immortal John Winger, played by Bill Murray, from the 1981 film Stripes, `I want to party with you, cowboy').

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Turns out the devil creature from the sky is Baron Vitelius, coming back to make good on his 300 year old proclamation.

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