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After all, we're not customers of Equifax who can refuse to provide data for its servers – it just collects it all, one way or another, and sell it on to others.The US government certainly doesn't seem interested in causing Equifax grief.Eight days later, the bad news comes out and hundreds of thousands of British peeps are now on high alert.While it has lost three senior executives in well-compensated disgrace, it looks unlikely Equifax will face any further sanctions.Equifax has brought every analytical tool, technique and data asset it has available to bear in order to ‘fill in the blanks’ and establish actual consumer identities and attribute a current home address to them.

That’s why we developed Yours Dating; an online experience tailored specifically for people looking to connect with like-minded individuals.® Just as we were hitting the publish button, Equifax emitted the following clarification, saying the actual number of people in the UK seriously affected is about 700,000 due to duplicated data: Today Equifax can confirm that a file containing 15.2m UK records dating from between 20 was attacked in this incident.Regrettably this file contained data relating to actual consumers as well as sizeable test datasets, duplicates and spurious fields.Whilst this does not introduce any significant risk to these people Equifax is sorry that this data may have been accessed.We love bringing people together, and here at Dating Agency we’ve helped thousands of singles find love.

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