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On the surface, it’s pretty obvious that TCJ is better than Hellfrog.

However, there will come a point in your rotation where TCJ is off CD, but you can’t use it to set it up for TA unless you delay it by an 80 ninki cycle (~30s).

However, the type of GCDs lost in the opening TA is fixed, which means the 10% of a GCD is fixed, and in this case, they’re Spinning Edge and Gust Slash.

When comparing potencies in the opener for Bhavacakra vs TCJ, Spinning Edge and Gust Slash and two auto attacks are the GCDs/AAs lost in TA while doing TCJ.

If you get Thunder 3 as your first elemental skill after tentacles, you will not be able to get off the Bhavacakra in Trick before the boss becomes untargetable for the second tentacle phase.

In order to keep Huton active throughout the downtime during the FIRST tentacles, remember to Armor Crush at ideal points of the fight.

With good ping, you ideally get off a full TCJ Doton without losing a mudra or the third skill in your three skill combo before the boss becomes untargetable.

I’ve included a higher SS build because in some fights (O1s and O4s) you may get the extra GCD off while dealing with mechanics that require you to disengage from the target (depending on your latency). I don’t claim to have optimized everything, so take this advice with a grain of salt. There will not be a TL; DR recap for this section because it is intended only for players who want detailed advice on optimization.

Sometimes TCJ will mess with your SF reapplication, and you find yourself at 5s left on SF.

In this case, you should AE instead, and reapply SF on the next combo.

This means skipping out on a hard cast Suiton and using a Raiton/Fuma instead for more potency and less clipping of GCDs. Here are the results: Deals 600 unaspected damage (non-physical) for a cost of 80 Ninki.

Unaffected by: Embolden, Brotherhood, slashing debuff and dripping blades trait.

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