Android phone not updating exchange calendar

I dove into these caveats in a little more detail back in 2015, and most of what was true back then still holds today.

First of all, we have to take into account that Android is exceptionally modular — leaps and bounds above i OS, in fact.

If we were to use a finer versioning, things would remain identical for every Nexus and Pixel device except the Galaxy Nexus (which got 4.3 but didn't get 4.3.1 — a bugfix update exclusively for the LTE Nexus 7) and the Nexus One (which got 2.3.6 but didn't get 2.3.7; released just 20 days later).

(We'll have to wait to see if Google's new policy means we can expect to see devices with four years of OS support or if it is just a mere formalization of what already happens in practice.) Of course, in many ways, comparing OS updates on i OS to those on Android is, for the lack of a better expression, like comparing apples to oranges.Comparing the Nexus 4 with the i Phone 5 — both released in Q3 of 2012 — we see that the i Phone's bar stretches all the way until just before the launch of i OS 11 last month.The Nexus 4's bar ends a full two years earlier, despite the Nexus 4 being Google's longest supported phone .The only notable exception is the i Phone 5C, which was essentially just a year-old i Phone 5 with a fresh coat of paint, and was only kept up-to-date for four years. Using our metric, every end-of-life'd device since the 2012 Nexus 7 has gotten at least 33 months of OS support, with the Nexus 7 itself even reaching 39 months.This is actually more than Google has promised on any Android device until this year's Pixel 2 — even though users are only guaranteed two years of support, we've come to expect something closer to three.

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