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If this doesn’t strike you as the slightest bit erotic by this point, feel free to dismiss “Adventure Time” as just another irreverent kid’s show.

But then Jake and Finn arrive home and BMO invites them to stick their thumbs on his controllers, which they do to great delight. None of this should come as a great surprise to regular “Adventure Time” viewers.

A sequel to last season’s “Five Short Graybles,” the episode once again featured narrator Cuber, a portly futuristic being who presents a series of interlocking “Adventure Time” short stories on his Holo-Pyramid Viewer.

In one sense, Cuber’s presentation of these stories take cues from the educational mold of “Sesame Street” by presenting a series of incidents and forcing the viewer to unearth a connecting theme.

Watching last night’s anthology episode of “Adventure Time,” entitled “Five More Short Graybles,” I was reminded of the crazed photographer in Leos Carax’s “Holy Motors” when he first spots the scraggly-haired Merde character, played by Denis Lavant, in the middle of a crowd and can’t stop snapping pictures: “So… But lurking beneath the surface of that reaction is an ageless tendency to grapple for meaning when precise definitions elude us.

” That’s the reaction “Adventure Time,” with its loopy blend of bright colors and surreal mini-plots, constantly invites.

Gense også alle de bedste sange, kampe og sjove øjeblikke fra Eventyrtid, og kom rundt i hver en afkrog af Ooo, lige fra Isriget til Lækker-Riget og fra Klumperummet til Castle Lemongrab.

“Adventure Time” excels at allowing grown viewers to reenter childlike experiences, as last week’s excellent installment of PBS’ “Idea Channel” made clear with its thesis that nostalgia is key to the show’s appeal for older audiences.

“Five Short Graybles” accomplished this mission in a subtler fashion than usual.

Once again, “Adventure Time” teases out the fuzzy boundary between childhood innocence and adulthood.

As Cuber might say, I need a few more glaybles to think about it.

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Because the photographer in “Holy Motors” doesn’t understand Merde, he can only process the character as “weird.” So it goes with much of “Adventure Time,” which is centered around a pair of characters vaguely aware of the deeper themes and ideas surrounding them while largely regarding them as inscrutable waystations to new experiences.

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